U Shaped Booth

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U Shaped Booth

Posted by Breland Albertina on Saturday, 18 January, 2020 03:00:00

Half Circle Booths U-shaped restaurant booths provide cushioned seating halfway around a table, giving groups of guests a cozy seating arrangement while still being able to exit easily. These booths also encourage guests to sit close to one another without causing them to feel cramped like they would with traditional chairs.

Affordable Seating provides a variety of furniture for use in commercial and residential buildings. Whether you need to buy restaurant furniture to replace your existing booths, tables and chairs, or are preparing for a grand opening, Affordable Seating has a number of styles to fit any decor.

Choose a dinette set with two facing booths, or a dinette lounge with one continuous restaurant-style booth for an elegant, unforgettable dining experience.

Art Show Display Booth with 9 Panels. This art show display booth creates a large space to showcase your artwork and interact with prospective buyers. With three panels on each side of the U-shape, artists have plenty of options for hanging their work. The silver display booth can be used to hang everything from fine paintings to small

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This Large high backed ?U? shaped booth is manufactured in the USA and is available in any size to your specifications. Singles, Doubles and banquettes can be built with a wide verity of woods, finishes and upholstery fabrics or vinyl?s. The unit as shown has sturdy Maple legs (of your choice) with a sturdy conversion varnish bar top finish.