Tree Plants Indoor

dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’ - mass cane/ corn plant

Tree Plants Indoor

Posted by Bruneau Amitee on Sunday, 19 January, 2020 10:24:00

Some popular indoor trees include ficus, citrus, dracena, palms, coffee trees, and African pine trees. For people with smaller spaces, bonsai is a tree which takes up minimal space, and bonsai trees in ranging sizes from versions designed to live on a desk to small shrubs can be obtained.

Any plant has the power to add a little mystery and magic to your space, but only a really really big plant can create the impression that your living room is an enchanted forest that just happens to have a little furniture in it. I've always appreciated the power of a single piece that makes a bold statement, and these larger-than-life houseplants are one of my favorite trends from the past

Despite its common name, corn plant (Dracaena masseangea) is not edible. But with its thick trunk and strappy leaves, which are striped with lime-green or cream, corn plant makes a pretty indoor tree. Avoid over-watering or over-fertilizing the plants, and give them bright light and average to moderate humidity.

Ficus Trees. Ficus plants grow tall, filling vertical space and drawing the eye up. One of these enchanting trees is all you need to make a large room feel more inviting. Large, leathery leaves make the Rubber Plant (shown at left) a popular house plant. Put it in a brightly lit spot and you'll have wonderful success growing this bold accent tree.

The umbrella plant is an evergreen tree; best grown indoors because of it's invasive nature outdoors. Most growers will find this species easy enough to grow and maintain. The leaves and stalks have a similar appearance to the Mexican fortune tree (above), and the trunks can also be braided, although they're not quite as thick on this tree.

Several of our Indoor/Patio Plants love full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight) and well-drained soil but make sure you double-check for your variety. Here are a few of our tips for success to keep your new plants going and growing strong: Preparation: Any season is a good season to plant these trees since they can move indoors when it