Traditional Japanese Home Design

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Traditional Japanese Home Design

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A must in every Japanese home is the tokonoma, a slightly raised alcove that is beautifully decorated, usually with a hanging scroll and an ikebana flower arrangement. Its purpose is to entertain visitors with its design and you'll find such alcoves a lot in ryokan, traditional Japanese inns.

The Japan Housing Corporation (JHC), now known as the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR), was founded in 1955. During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the JHC built many danchi in suburban areas to offset the housing demand of the then-increasing Japanese population. Interior design Traditional homes

Japanese carpenters developed advanced joinery techniques and occasionally constructed large buildings without using any nails. Complex wooden joints tied with rope can be seen in the frames of old Japanese houses. Traditional frames, known as wagoya, have a post-and-lintel design.

TRADITIONAL JAPANESE HOME DESIGNS. Japanese house designs are absolutely simple and extremely attractive at the same time. The design can be seen in simple, clean lines, uncluttered surfaces and certain materials with architectural features and landscaping reminiscent of tradition such as rice, silk and natural woods.

Most modern Japanese homes still consist of at least one tatami room, much like the one in this California home. The minimalist appeal of Japanese design is clearly seen through the simplicity of this room. Custom shoji screens allow the space to remain open to the other rooms of the home, with the ability to slide them shut for privacy.

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