Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

12 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Galley Kitchen

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

Posted by Breard Alain on Saturday, 18 January, 2020 00:41:35

Named after the narrow kitchens on ships, these rooms may be tight, but they're also known for using what little space there is very efficiently. To prove how cozy, stylish and functional a galley kitchen can be, we've rounded up some pin-worthy rooms full of inspiring ideas for your next remodel.

Kitchen lore states that the ideal width of a galley kitchen aisle is approximately 4 to 6 feet—but whether your small galley kitchen is dead on with that measurement or even smaller, you can create a more efficient space and also add design features that can expand the area visually.

16 Gorgeous Galley Kitchens All Aboard. Industrial-style pendant lights give a nod to the seafaring roots of gallery kitchens. Super Sleek. From the layout of the flooring to the placement of the chandelier, For More DIY Kitchen Makeover (Without the Renovation!) Photo:

A very suave galley kitchen styled along IKEA lines, with steel cabinets and long stainless steel cabinet pulls. Like our other Euro-style galley kitchens in this article, it has a single-bowl sink that is abnormally small for most North Americans but which fits right in with European kitchens.

50 Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs. Marj Licos. August 20, 2016. 50 Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs. This small galley kitchen is all vintage and efficiency. Both sides of the kitchen are kept busy while the middle is left open for efficient movement. The vintage black and white floor and

Explore galley kitchen lighting ideas, and get ready to install a radiant, efficient and attractive galley kitchen in your home. Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas A small outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to entertain on your urban patio or small backyard.