Things You Can Make At Home And Sell

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Things You Can Make At Home And Sell

Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 01:06:42

There you have it - over 30 different things to make and sell for extra income. This could be of help if you're a stay at home parent trying to make extra money, or if you're attempting to leave your day job behind.

If a home-based business making and selling item sounds attractive, then take a look at the 100 best things to make and sell from home. Handmade Clothing If you're a tab hand with the sewing machine and have got an eye for fashion, unleash the fashionista inside you by making clothes to sell.

If you're crafty and have the time and space to make your craft items in larger quantities, there are a variety of items you can create to sell for extra money from home. In fact, with a little planning, you can build a complete home business using your own creative skills .

Who can resist a good pillow?! This would be one of the more simple and fun things to make and sell online, for sure! All you need are a few simple tools and you'll be ready to get your sew on! And why stop at simple pillows! You know you can make and sell pillow covers online too! 2. Coasters. Another great item you can make to sell online

The Business of DIY: 10 Things to Make and Sell Online 1. Bath bombs and soaps. 2. T-shirts and printed merchandise. 3. Jewelry. 4. Curated gift and subscription boxes. 5. Candles. 6. Sweets. 7. Art and prints. 8. Digital products. 9. Enamel pins. 10. Traditional handcrafted goods.

If you're a stay-at-home parent or simply a person who wants to make some extra cash, there are a variety of items you can make and sell to earn a secondary income. The types of products you choose to sell will depend on your interests and how much you can invest in getting your products made and promoted.