The Cullens House

The Hoke House: Twilight's Cullen Family Residence Home

The Cullens House

Posted by Brochu Amata on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 18:18:46

I looked at the Cullens house before turning the knob on the stunning dark oak wood door and opening the door to find Renesmee sitting with her homework laid out on a table near the wireless laptop with The Merchant of Venice laid out on her lap. She sat there in shock for me as I entered invited by Carlisle.

The Cullens surely had a great time using John Hokes' house. Aside from its great design, it also applies green architecture with its usage of green materials like wood. This is really appropriate for the location of the house in Portland.

The house is open and bright and naturally well lit through the obvious use of large and multiple windows. A bit of a side note, Twilight was a great movie and is definitely worth watching, (i've just started the first book also!) But i'll leave it up to you to decide which you prefer, the eye candy of Edward Cullen or his home. Edit!:

(Cullen House) 3333 NW Quimby St. Portland, Oregon. For the movie adaptation of Twilight, a modern, rather extravagant house in Portland was used to be filmed as the Cullen House. This house was featured in a magazine Portland Spaces and was noticed by the film makers. It was designed by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.

The Cullen House The Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast has been named "The Cullen House" by the Forks Chamber of Commerce. Esme Cullen leaves messages for visitors on a message board by the front door of the inn, and the mailbox bears the Cullen name.

The Cullen house is first seen in Twilight, when Bella Swan goes to meet Edward's family. It is a large, graceful house, rectangular and well-proportioned, painted a faded white. It is a large, graceful house, rectangular and well-proportioned, painted a faded white.