Self Watering Pots

Homemade Self Watering Container for a Banana Tree Plant

Self Watering Pots

Posted by Buis Angelette on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 15:48:11

It seems self-watering containers are all the rage. From super, high-end, fancy planters, to DIY planters made from buckets and plastic boxes, you can find one to work with your price range and style. There are a vast number of options out there and you can even make your own for not much money.

Self watering planters are good for a wide variety of plants - from a vigorously growing tomato plant in a patio garden to petite house plants. Just find the right size and style for your expected plant growth, and you're set.

Last summer, we decided to build self-watering planters that we could leave for a week without watering. The results of the DIY self-watering system were amazing. The self-watering planter boxes themselves were gorgeous, they kept rabbits and other critters from munching on the greens, and we went for weeks on end without having to water.

These self-watering pots are designed in Sweden and made in Portugal, and have a clear glass reservoir that you can fill with water to ensure the terracotta pot walls stay moist. Available in sizes XS, S or M.

The Bloem Ariana Plastic Round Self Watering Planter is a bell-shaped planter that simplifies watering your plants. It includes an insert at the bottom of the planter that traps water so that the roots can always access it, which, in turn, minimizes the frequency of watering.

A sub-irrigated planter is exactly what you need to assure a regular supply of water to your ambitious garden project. And a homemade one takes about half the cost of a store-bought self-watering planter. The only drawback is that this plan requires you to work on tiny, meticulous details. Instructions are available on Frugal Upstate.