Raised Washer And Dryer

Contemporary Laundry room with raised washer dryer, white

Raised Washer And Dryer

Posted by Bruneau Amitee on Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 10:49:08

I needed to unstack my stackable washer and dryer to make them easier to reach. The pedestals raised them to the perfect height. They arrived without damage and were easy for me to unpack and set up. Note that I did not do the installation of the appliances. I needed two men to unstack the washer and dryer, so they did the installation.

Back in October my husband and I decided to finally build a washer and dryer platform (pedestal) for our front loading washer and dryer. When we initially go them we decided against purchasing the matching pedestals that came with them because they didn't quite fit into the space we had and we didn't want to move the cabinets above them up.

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Laundry room with elevated washer/dryer platform, storage space underneath Front load washer &:dryer raised up with pull out counter Though the practice is questionable among the trades, some contractors will offer consulting and mentoring services to experienced do-it-yourselfers on an per

Washing Machine and Dryer Pedestal / Stand: a DIY Happiness!: We all know washer and dryer pedestals are VERY expensive and are ridiculously priced. You can certainly buy another washer for the price of the two pedestals; or perhaps a new refrigerator! This instructible shows you how to make yourself a cheap

Make things easier on your back while also adding some storage area and style to your laundry room with this easy DIY Laundry Room Pedestal. I followed the directions in the Winter 2018 Family