Rain Chain Ideas

Eight beautiful rain chain ideas The Owner-Builder Network

Rain Chain Ideas

Posted by Brideau Allaire on Monday, 20 January, 2020 04:25:15

Aug 18, 2019- In this board we share some creative DIY rain chain ideas. Click follow to get inspired. See more ideas about Gardens, Rain chain diy and Gardening:__cat__.

Rain chains are a fun and attractive way to create movement in the garden, directing water in a stylish motion! Not only do they create an eye-catching feature but they're functional too, creating an alternative to gutters and down spouts! With just a few materials and a little bit of DIY you

GREAT rain chain ideas with lots of pictures on houses, rain chain basins and rain barrels. Plus instructions on rain chain installation. Love these rain chain garden ideas! They look so much better than a standard downspout but still provide drainage. The copper rain chains are my favorite!

There's nothing wrong with being a little different, and sometimes gutters and down spouts are just too mainstream for some of us! Spruce up your house with some awesome rain chain ideas that bring both convenience and craftiness together. Here are 10 great ideas to get you started on your rain chain creation.

10 Gorgeous DIY Rain Chain Ideas To Enliven Your Garden Have you ever heard of rain chains? Well, rain chains are a fun and functional alternative to the boring metal or plastic downspouts.

Creative rain chains and downspout design ideas. Stone wall with copper downspout and splash guard. Downspouts with decorative splash guards, attractive rain chains, and elegant rain ropes are designed to guide rainwater run-off from the roof. While adding eye-catching designs, colorful and