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Plants For House

Posted by Brazeau Aiglentine on Friday, 17 January, 2020 20:30:04

Most plants are the cultivar 'Vittatum', which has a white stripe down the center of each leaf, though all-green plants are also available. Brown leaf tips, which are common with spider plants, are due to contaminated water, usually from fluoride, or to overfertilization, low humidity or dry soil conditions.

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East facing: you want the plant to be at least 5′ away from the window(s). West or south facing: you want the plant at least 10′ away from the window(s). None of these plants (or most houseplants for that matter) will take direct, hot sun so keep them out of windows. I tend to wing it when it comes to light.

You may remember this from your grandmother's house; spider plants have been grown for years and are still popular today. Look for a number of varieties—from types with plain green leaves to others that offer foliage marked with cream or white stripes.