Pagoda Mirror Z Gallerie

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Pagoda Mirror Z Gallerie

Posted by Brune Amite on Sunday, 8 December, 2019 07:39:38

Reminiscent of traditional Chippendale design, our Pagoda Mirror will bring a touch of Asian-inspired architecture to your home. Faux-bamboo fashions this distinctive silhouette, creating a stunning, eye-catching accent piece, with a crowned top that will attract the eye.

Our Omni Mirror places a modern spin on classic style. This mirror is edgy with its unique mirrored frame that reflects light in a variety of directions, gracing your wall with a playful aesthetic. The sharp angled edges and silver beaded trim give the mirror depth and sophistication. Also available as a leaner mirror.

MIRROR NIGHTSTAND DIY/Z GALLERIE DUPE MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: ~Nighstand (Resale shop or Ikea) ~Mirror (Lowes) ~Mirror glue (Lowes) ~Primer (Lowes)

Z Gallerie - Dynasty Mirror Contemporary powder room features walls clad in black and white chevron tiles lined with a green and gold pagoda mirror over a wall-mount sink next to tall round white nesting tables atop a black marble tiled floor.

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Z Gallerie. Angelique Mirror, White - $399. Baroque gets an update with a white glossy finish, making it easy to incorporate it into a modern space. Gold Pagoda Mirror - $2,700. This is an important piece in the makings of a great entryway. Hang this over a console table and you're well on