Open Shelf Kitchen Ideas

Tips for Making Open Kitchen Shelving Aesthetic AND Useful

Open Shelf Kitchen Ideas

Posted by Brandon Adorlee on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 02:43:37

A pair of stainless-steel shelves adds a splash of modernity to this traditional-style kitchen. The narrow shelves not only offer open storage space for decorative dishware, but they're also sturdy enough to support the microwave, which frees up counter space for food prep.

Open shelves also provide an easy way to organize your ingredients and cooking pans. While the open shelving concept works better on a large scale, a small open shelf also looks good, especially if it is a tiny kitchen without much space. Open shelves work even better in tiny kitchens because it is harder to keep small kitchens organized.

Open shelving is not only an efficient and typically inexpensive way to sort, display and store your sundries, but can also make a space feel lighter, bigger and more … well, open. Here are some clever open shelving ideas for incorporating them into your home for practical and creative living.

The idea that open kitchen shelves are not for everyone is a bit far-fetched. Even if you are not the most organized person around, there are plenty of easy way in which you can decorate the open kitchen shelf without creating a clutter. All it needs is a bit of planning, the right style of open shelving and of course, a dash of inspiration.

No built-ins? No problem. A sizable shelving system along a bare wall will give you the same effect and is a great solution for the tabletop addict (there are several in our office!). Bonus point: The everything-out-in-the-open situation also means that your little ones can more easily help you set the table. Looking for more kitchen ideas?

To make the most of your open shelving and to add visual height to your kitchen, stack shelves high, varying shelf height according to what will be stored. Keep It Simple If you view too many dishes out in the open as clutter in the kitchen, consider only displaying those that you use most often, keeping them on hand but clutter free.