Mid Century Kitchen Remodel

Rebecca and Keith's Mad Men kitchen remodel - and Mad Men

Mid Century Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Brassel Adriene on Sunday, 12 January, 2020 23:03:45

Beautiful Mid Century Kitchen Remodel Ideas37 40 Beautiful Mid Century Kitchen Remodel Ideas By Barbara J. Lykins Posted on February 10, 2019. A kitchen is a place in a house which has undergone a great deal of evolution in the history of housing and kitchen development. This ranges from the

When completing a kitchen remodel, it is important to consider the current architecture of your home. Just ask Normandy Designer Lisa McManus, who completed this recent kitchen remodel on a mid-century modern home in Kildeer. "You always want your finish materials to keep in line with the space," said Lisa.

The kitchen can be among the most challenging projects when remodeling a midcentury home. The large, open kitchens we often dream of can far exceed the floor plan of the original space. Expanding the layout can be expensive, as space… Continue Reading →

If you are looking into remodeling your kitchen and going with a mid-century look, Joel & Co. Construction can help you! Take a look at our blog or give us a call so we can walk you through the different options you have for achieving the look you want!

Nothing says "mid-century" like a futuristically-patterned kitchen countertop. Boomerang and plenty of other retro laminate counter designs are found in WilsonArt's Indie Collection. Starting in 1956, Texas-based WilsonArt lead the way in populating American kitchens and bathrooms with the laminate surfacing.

As the part of the home that's steeped in tradition yet demands up-to-date amenities, the kitchen often strikes an intriguing balance between authenticity and a contemporary sway. Here's proof.