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Masculine Living Room

Posted by Brin Aluin on Saturday, 30 November, 2019 17:11:05

Since the 1950s, nothing has spelled prime bachelorhood quite like a well-executed masculine living room. And while we've come a long way since the days of Martin Denny records and art deco furniture, the underlying message remains the same: this is a place to get your lounge on-and not just any lounge, but a lounge […]

The masculine living room is a cool space, no matter what style you want, no matter if you want to have tight and short or colorful and luxurious spaces. Traditional dark colors and black and white schemes are always cool, but if you need color, there are several different color variants in traditional or Victorian styles.

Rob's two bedroom apartment overlooks the Wilshire corridor and has a stunning view of the Hollywood Hills. His home is the perfect bachelor pad, with plenty of personal style. Designer Stefani Rosso lent a helping hand in pulling together some of the finishing touches on the interior design. The

Pick the best masculine living room decor which really suits your needs, taste and the existing layout for your living room. It's all up to you whether you want to make it look more decorative by creating in an eclectic way or keep it much simpler by adopting the minimalist style.

For rustic, masculine texture, Chris opted for end tables made of driftwood with glass tops. A pair of mid-century modern table lamps added a touch of the unexpected to the space. Altogether the furniture arrangement came to slightly over $2000. Stuck with a small living room? Turn it into a

48 Comfy Masculine Living Room Design Ideas By Jennifer J. Broussard Posted on December 18, 2018. While generalizing is something that isn't recommended most of the time, it is fair to say we can please most, if not all, of an entire gender with our living room design.