Living Room With Two Focal Points

20 Beautiful Living Room Layout with Two Focal Points

Living Room With Two Focal Points

Posted by Brune Amite on Monday, 9 December, 2019 09:28:15

Understanding how to deal with multiple focal points in a room can be challenging. Where do you look first in a room with focal points like a fireplace and a bay window and a large entertainment center? For a room to feel balanced and well designed, you need one focal point. The focal point is […]

When your room already has strong architecture, you won't have to work so hard while decorating. Simply use the existing architecture and build from there. In this room designed by Kate Singer, the fireplace is the focal point which she's emphasized even more by flanking it with two large bookcases and adding a oversized painting.

The eye is a muscle and likes to be worked. To avoid a boring living room, give your eyes something to do. But don't go overboard … in most living rooms, one main focal point is enough. A fireplace is a perfect focal point. If yours is lacking luster, dress it up on a budget by using reclaimed architecture, molding or tile.

Furniture. Use large and heavy furniture around the primary focal point to emphasize its importance. Invest in large, comfortable sofas with child-friendly slipcovers for your living room or an

20 Beautiful Living Room Layout with Two Focal Points When we enter a room, our eye is usually drawn to a specific item or area in the space-the space's focal point-a fireplace, painting, TV or a large picture window. If the room has one focal point, you can arrange your furniture around it to create […]

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