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Koda Kodasema

Posted by Breaux Albert on Thursday, 16 January, 2020 23:03:48

Estonian design collective Kodasema has launched its prefabricated 25-square-metre micro home that takes less than a day to build and can be relocated. The Koda house costs just £150,000 as a

KODA by Kodasema. Photography by Tõnu Tunnel. KODA by Kodasema. Photography by Tõnu Tunnel. Join the Discussion. Please read our Content Guidelines before posting Sponsored Links.

KODA is a movable concrete house. Deliver one day, move in the next! *** Find the photos of the latest model at www.kodasema.com For specification and site-specific price quote, please write sale

Kodasema is an architecture and engineering company that creates innovative living and housing solutions. Named KODA after the Estonian word for a local, traditional hut dating back to the third millennium BC, the line of tiny homes encapsulates "minimalist luxury in a spaciously sustainable house."

The site preparation is minimal. All a KODA needs is ground with levelled footing, access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewage, and electricity. Lifting and shifting are done by Kodasema, an authorised partner or local contractor. One day for installation - pack the toothbrush and move in.

Kodasema Adding to the convenience of having your own portable crash pad to call home, you can also essentially have it installed in a day, granted you have the right connections set up ahead of time.