Kitchen Backsplash Stone

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Kitchen Backsplash Stone

Posted by Bouton Adaliz on Sunday, 8 December, 2019 06:44:55

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The right kitchen backsplash tile ideas can introduce another design dimension to your space. Slender glass tiles in creamy hues and stone tiles in coppery shades make this kitchen glow with their translucent beauty. A neutral color palette such as the one in this kitchen backsplash can warm up a sleek, contemporary space.

What is Kitchen Backsplash? Definition: A backsplash is a vertical extension to a counter-typically kitchen or bathroom counter-which protects the wall from unintended splashes of water. In this article we will talk about the kitchen backsplash. A kitchen backsplash can be constructed out of tile.

A stone slab is different from stone tiles in that you are using one larger stone body instead of a series of smaller bodies connected together as tiles. A slab will come from one large stone surface and will be cut down into a slim body. This is so it can fit onto your backsplash with a solid backing used to keep it all together.

Tile is the mainstay of kitchen backsplashes. For years, backsplashes have been made from tile, whether they are ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. Slabs are a very different approach. Unlike tile, it is a continuous piece with few breaks. Sizing will depend on the material used, but it probably won't be much smaller than a 4' x 8' sheet.

A kitchen backsplash is a simple way to add a touch of character to your kitchen. Whether you're looking to introduce some color into the design or remodeling your entire kitchen, faux stone, rock, wood or brick could be that finishing element.