Ikea Besta System

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Ikea Besta System

Posted by Breard Alain on Thursday, 28 November, 2019 00:46:02

55 Ways To Use IKEA Besta Units In Home Décor IKEA Besta is a whole storage collection in various configurations that must be secured to the wall. The drawers and doors close silently and softly, thanks to the integrated soft-closing function.

We ultimately decided to go with the IKEA BESTA system and make some modifications to give it a more custom built-in look. (Because really, who doesn't love a good IKEA hack?!) Our first step was to use IKEA's BESTA Storage Planner to recreate the dimensions of our living room and design a 3D mockup of our custom built-ins. We went through

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Ikea의 모듈형 수납 시스템인 BESTÅ (베스토)를 이용해서 TV 장식장을 만들어 보았습니다. 혹시 비슷하게 제작해 보시려면 사용된 제품들의 리스트는

Of all IKEA's storage systems, this lesser-known solution might be the most versatile. In its most basic form, the Besta unit is a standing credenza. As the variations become more complex, the piece can be expanded to function as an all-encompassing media station or mounted to the wall to serve as a floating buffet.

IKEA - BESTÅ, Storage combination with doors, black-brown, Hanviken/Stubbarp black-brown, You can choose to use either the soft-closing or push-open function. The push-opener lets you open the doors with just a light push, while the soft-closing hinges makes sure they close silently and softly.