Hot Glue Ideas

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Hot Glue Ideas

Posted by Buis Angelette on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 07:18:17

So drawing anything was totally out of the realm of decent looking ideas for me. I went back to Dare to DIY and thought that the dots were a lovely idea and easy to accomplish. But I didn't want to rip it off entirely, either. What about swirls? And that's how my hot glue rings were born. For this project you will need: Hot glue gun

Learning how to remove hot glue is a must-know for any crafter or DIYer. We have all been there, happily crafting along and concentrating with our glue gun, creating up a storm when all of a sudden hot glue or hot melt ends up somewhere it most definitely should not have.

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These awesome DIY hot glue gun crafts ideas will teach you how to make a mini-book USB flash drive, cool DIY refrigerator magnets, coasters, a wood orbital, or pump up the decorations of a vase or flower pot. Check out the full list of tutorials on crafts to make with a hot glue gun here.

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