Home Bunker Design

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Home Bunker Design

Posted by Brust Andrea on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 12:24:54

Editor's Note: This article was generously contributed by Clarence Mason and in it he compares and contrasts two different survival bunker designs. Each have their advantages, but if you are considering building your own survival retreat option in the future, it makes sense to consider what is the best bunker design before you get too […]

Our world headquarters is located just an hour east of Dallas, Texas. This plant manufactures shelters with sizes ranging from the affordable BombNado that goes in under new homes being constructed to the popular round culvert pipes which have been around for decades to the Billionaire class poured in place concrete hardened bunkers that cost into the millions.

They use a spoke-like design, and multiple spokes can be put together to increase the size of the shelters. For individuals who want an underground bunker on their own land, the Quantum model is the best choice. They are 40' long x 8' wide x 8.5' and can comfortably hold 6-8 people.

A Faux-Yard for an underground bunker Underground bunker home. I am envisioning Christopher Walken having a Blast From the Past for some reason. Suburb-Terranean: Bunker Home Simulates Day & Night Where I'm going when Ebola strikes! It may look like the 1970's, but this underground bunker home in Las Vegas would make a perfect home! See more

NWSS is a family run company that understands the importance of protecting those most important to you. From planning to design to construction, our team will provide the best service and expertise available in the shelter system market today. NWSS prides itself on an unbroken track record of protecting our client's privacy.

Bunker Design. One of the most fascinating bunker designs out there is the Vivos approach. This company is building bunkers all over the US, and will also build one for you, based on their own designs, but customizable to no end, apparently.