Enclosing Patio With Glass

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Enclosing Patio With Glass

Posted by Bruyere Andree on Thursday, 23 January, 2020 21:14:32

There are a few options, depending on the use of the intended space. You can glass the space in to create a four season sunroom. This will insulate the room but can also be costly. There is another material you can use that is vinyl and looks and acts like real glass that is more cost effective.

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For instance, if you live in a warm climatic area and wish to create a tropical island vibe, then a thatched patio cover will come in handy. On the other hand, if you live in a cold region, a better option would be a wood or glass patio cover. Hopefully, our list of enclosed patio ideas will help you on your journey to building your own!

While a screen porch is a nice addition to any home, a glass patio enclosure can add months of enjoyment to the area. The glass helps to protect from the elements while offering an unobstructed view of the surroundings that's far clearer than that available through a porch screen.

A walls-only patio enclosure from TEMO is the ideal solution for those looking to get year-round use from their covered patio. Our walls-only patio enclosure creates an indoor living space out of your covered patio, but it allows you to still feel connected to the outdoors with nearly floor-to-ceiling window panels.

Screen to Glass Porch Conversions Make your porch a year round room. Ever wish your porch would keep the wind, cold, rain, snow, and even dirt out? Converting your porch or enclosure screens to a glass screen combination might be for you. Call Screenmobile and let us show you options to make your porch the year round room you've always desired.