Diy Mason Jar String Lights

Mason jar solar lights 'how to' lighting ideas

Diy Mason Jar String Lights

Posted by Brandon Adorlee on Friday, 6 December, 2019 17:01:32

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How to Make Mason Jar Lights - Building the Light Unscrew the connector from the end of the light kit. Trace the end of the hanging light kit on the top of the jar. Use a hammer and small nail to punch a hole in the lid somewhere on your line. Continue punching holes around the circle until

When thinking about the mason jars, I thought how cute the jars would be with tiny string lights- (100 tiny white string lights… Because the light would be going on the screen porch, I wanted to make certain I kept with the rustic feel of the grapevine sphere chandelier already hanging over the table.

I wanted to create a DIY Mason Jar Light for myself that felt like a magical garden. So I used a bit of ivy ribbon that is so pretty in addition to the string lights and mason jar. The length of the ivy ribbon (or any ribbon you use) should be a bit longer than the string light.

Use a step drill bit to drill a hole in the top of the lid large enough to fit a socket of the string light and spray paint yellow. Cut 3 pineapple leaves out of the pool noodle for each jar. Assemble each pineapple by unscrewing the light bulb and placing the socket through the top of the lid.

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