Decorative Dish Soap Bottle

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Decorative Dish Soap Bottle

Posted by Brassard Adriane on Sunday, 19 January, 2020 21:08:10

By adding a pretty soap dispenser to your sink. It'll make your kitchen look nicer (goodbye, ugly bottle from the grocery store!), plus, it just might make you smile the next time you suds up. 15 Pretty Dish-Soap Dispensers to Brighten Your Kitchen. by Kristin Appenbrink

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This elegant glass dispenser bottle, with a decoratively fram … ed monogram, a black grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow around the bottle's neck, and a shiny silver tone pump answers that need quite nicely. Fill it with her favorite soap, shower gel, bubble bath, hand lotion or body lotion and voila!

This is my dish soap bottle sitting at my sink. I love it for two reasons: 1. it allows me to easily dispense my mix of 1/3 dish soap and 2/3 water while washing the dishes, and 2. it has no labels and looks a lot better than a plastic dish soap bottle. Over the years I've used a number of different bottle solutions, some of which are below.

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