Decorating Slanted Walls


Decorating Slanted Walls

Posted by Brief Alleffra on Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 10:21:06

Blank walls can be tough to tackle. Whether you simply have too much space to properly decorate or your collection of art is on the small size, finding the perfect way to spruce up these empty spots may take a bit of planning. These 10 ideas are sure to inspire.

Slanted ceilings are often difficult to work with, and most of us are flummoxed on how to decorate a room with sloped walls. And no longer is this design conundrum relegated to attic rooms alone. Considering how every inch of space is invaluable, there are many modern homes and penthouses where the

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Angled walls are often a feature of older homes, particularly in attic bedrooms and other rooms that contact the roof of the building. Because they slope inward, hanging things on these walls isn

How to Decorate Slanted Walls. While slanted walls can create a cozy feel in a room, they can also be difficult to decorate. For instance, hanging pictures from a slanted wall comes with the extra challenge of having to attach all 4

Almost every house has one: that quirky room with the slanted ceiling. Just like eccentric Aunt Hazel, rooms with slanted ceilings can be charming. They also can leave you scratching your head as you try to come up with a design that makes the most of the space. One of my favorite rooms in any house is the one that's been carved out what was once an empty attic.