Custom Home Bar Design

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Custom Home Bar Design

Posted by Briere Allison on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 21:34:26

This gallery features luxury custom home bars design ideas and pictures. A custom home bar can be the ultimate place to relax after a hard day at work or just unwind with friends and socialize. Here are 37 custom home bars that are sure to impress and give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating your own relaxing spot to enjoy with

Published by Admin . Posted on November 29, 2018. Embarking on a custom home bar design? First, focus on the fun to be had-not too tough a task. Second, let's think about how we can make entertaining at home easier and more efficient, so that you're having just as much fun as your guests at any given gathering.

Our custom bars are built to your specifications down to the inch to fit any room. We can include refrigerators, wine coolers, and wet sinks. The process is easy, beginning with a simple drawing of your space that includes dimensions and objectives.

Bar Resizing Tool: The Custom Home Bar Designer is a dynamic cut & material list generator and project manager which allows you to load a standard plan set, then make nominal changes to the overall length, width and height of the bar, dynamically displaying the results in the cut & material listings.

Many other styles and sizes are available with seating for ten or more. Most Bars can be built entirely in our shop and moved to your home and installed in a few hours. The Bar can be disassembled and moved or any part repaired or replaced. Bars can be custom built to your specifications or select from bars presently instock.

Design a Custom Home Bar. July 18, 2017 Affordable Quality Cabinets. Home bars are the perfect addition for homeowners who love to host parties and entertain guests. Thinking about designing a custom bar for your home? Here are some things to consider when deciding on a look for your home bar.