Cape Cod Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom advice in cape cod style home

Cape Cod Bedroom Ideas

Posted by Boutilier Acel on Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 12:17:54

Tropical Beach Bedroom Ideas . Modern Decoration . Lots of beaches are found in tropical locations, so if you like a brighter palette, liven up your space with the turquoises, lime greens, corals, and reds of the hot zone. Cape Cod Bedroom Decorating Ideas The 5 Best Color Palettes For Beach

Cape Cod-style homes date back to the 1700s, when the first American settlers began building homes along the New England coast. Inspired by traditional English cottages, Cape Cod homes feature

Many Cape Cod-style homes were built before the Civil War; although the style faded a bit, it found a resurgence in the early to mid-1900s, when it was called Cape Cod Revival. Even though the styles were separated by about a century, they still share several commonalities, including a conspicuous lack of exterior details.

Cape Cod Bedroom Decorating Ideas Options For a holiday destination free of lack of things to do, Cape Cod is the thing to do. Cape Cod can be a superb destination that's many tiny restaurants and shops just as if you won't ever see somewhere else. For instance, the existing Cape Cod has come to

A color palette of soft khaki and cream snap to attention, especially when accented with black. Designer Michael Aiduss decorated this classic Cape Cod-style house in New Jersey with sophisticated

The Cape Cod-style house she and her husband, Cleve, bought several years ago had been built in the 1930s and was more or less in its original state, so the interior designer had a clean slate for incorporating her best ideas.