Blue And Green Room Decor

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Blue And Green Room Decor

Posted by Brunette Amou on Friday, 17 January, 2020 08:28:52

Farmhouse living room design and decor ideas are almost universally appealing. The signs, vintage window, and green plants make the room feel bright as well. 2. Rugged Barnwood Television Console Cabinet and light grey. It can also mean dark blue, dark grey, and more. Get a great look

Red and green aren't usually considered good to mix in the interior décor but still these are colors of Christmas and they also look cool in all the other seasons, especially in summer when we want bold shades. Red and green combo is great for various interiors: modern, retro, mid-century modern

Architect Joel Barkley and designer Todd Klein used a super-slick blue-green on the walls, trim, and ceiling in the dramatic powder room of a historic Louisville, Kentucky, estate and Vicente Wolf

Add in creamy white furniture, and the room is serene yet sophisticated. What a perfect combination. You can achieve a similar effect with green and blue or blue and purple—just keep the colors somewhat muted, choose simple, neutral furniture and keep the accessories to a minimum. So relaxing.

I think in my planning for my living room, I've been playing it way too safe. My condo is a good reminder that safe, for me, is boring. One thing that hasn't changed from the condo to the house is my love for just about any shade of blue, green, and blue-green.

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