Alaskan White Granite Kitchen

Alaska White 3CM Polished Granite Slab

Alaskan White Granite Kitchen

Posted by Brassard Adrien on Tuesday, 21 January, 2020 06:57:08

Alaska White granite has cool, icy tones and a mineral compound that creates eye-catching patterns, creating a stunning modern look for your kitchen or bathroom. It has a white base with prominent dark brown mineral veins and patches of icy grays, creating an appealing look up close and afar.

Home Natural Stone Granite Alaska White Kitchen Counters, Other Counters. Additional Notes. Tile availability and the option of larger cut-to-size formats give you the custom flooring and backsplash possibilities you are looking for. Care & Maintenance.

Compared to some of the other colors of granite, white granite creates a lighter atmosphere in the kitchen. Also, white granite is interesting in that it usually contains white, grey, and even a little bit of black. Some varieties of white granite, such as Alaskan, even contain other colors.

However when you use Alaska white granite countertops with dark kitchen cabinets the overall effect is very different - but just as breathtaking. The dark cabinets are a strong contrast to the white of the countertops - which makes them stand out far more than in a kitchen with light cabinets.

There's a reason why the words "white granite" and "dream kitchen" so often go hand in hand. If you've been fantasizing about white granite countertops, you're sure to find just the right elegant and enduring shadeamong these 12 trending colors. White Granite slabs at Arch City Granite in St. Louis, MO

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